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Flo Kasearu House Museum September 28, 2014
Flo Kasearu House Museum

Flo Kasearu House MuseumTallinnvisited 2014There is a wonderful museum in the Pelgulinn area of Tallinn. Usually house museums aim to show the life of a... [Read more]

Archeological festival September 28, 2014
Archeological festival

Archeological festival- a 2nd hand history and improbable obsessions20.6.-24.8.14Tartu Art Museum       In this exhibition art is mixed with architecture,... [Read more]

DEGA Films’ final Wild In the Street episodes: featuring... September 26, 2014
DEGA Films’ final Wild In the Street episodes: featuring ELLE and Royce

DEGA Films consistently does an outstanding job in their documentation of New York street artists. Their series Wild In the Streets covered NDA, Enzo at... [Read more]

Joe Caslin's Our Nation's Sons Project September 14, 2014
Joe Caslin's Our Nation's Sons Project

On a recent visit to Ireland we were fortunate to catch some of the works of artist Joe Caslin. We were en route to the Aran Islands on the west coast and... [Read more]

This app turns the NYC subway system into an art gallery September 11, 2014
This app turns the NYC subway system into an art gallery

NO AD beta-testers and friends of Vandalog, Luna Park and laserburners I should be working on something else right now. I should be doing writing that I... [Read more]

Charlotte Bastian - New paintings September 10, 2014
Charlotte Bastian - New paintings

Stunning new paintings by German artist Charlotte Bastian: Charlotte Bastian’s (1974, Berlin/Germany) works focus, in both painting and... [Read more]


I’ve always thought the U.S. spends WAY too much on the military, ten times as much as the next highest nation, China. A by-product of this excessive... [Read more]

Preview - Lost Corcosa - A Group Show featuring DAIN,... September  3, 2014
Preview - Lost Corcosa - A Group Show featuring DAIN, Rae, ENX, ASVP, Elle, hellbent & more - Masters Projects - Brooklyn, NYC

Masters Projects is pleased to announce Lost Corcosa, a group exhibition curated by Todd Masters. The exhibit title and theme is pulled from Robert W.... [Read more]

Propa Stuff At Downstairs At Mother London September  2, 2014
Propa Stuff At Downstairs At Mother London

Early last summer I received an email asking if I was free that weekend to possibly take some photographs and hang out at a secret Cambridge countryside... [Read more]

When genius and insanity hold hands | Ondi Timoner | TEDxKC September  2, 2014
When genius and insanity hold hands | Ondi Timoner | TEDxKC

Check out this talk by Ondi Timoner for the TEDx event.  Ondi is a two-time Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner and a friend of mine and she’s responsible for... [Read more]

Link-o-rama August 31, 2014

Unknown artist in Philadelphia Loving my time so far at the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, but it’s definitely more than a 9-5, so it’s time for... [Read more]

Projects Around the World August 26, 2014
Projects Around the World

We’re inspired to see bloggers doing things they love and using this platform to make their voices heard. Here’s a look at some interesting projects around... [Read more]

UKB Guest Mix #21 – Decka Sound [UKB021] August 24, 2014
UKB Guest Mix #21 – Decka Sound [UKB021]

After a short hiatus the guest mix series returns with Bristol-based producer and DJ, Decka Sound, leading the way. With releases on Bullet Train Records and... [Read more]

Apply Now! Szpilman Award 2014 August 22, 2014
Apply Now! Szpilman Award 2014

Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht? Jetzt ist es schon wieder bald so weit: der schönste Kunstpreis der Welt geht in die 12. Runde, die Parameter sind wie immer die... [Read more]

Broken Fingaz 'Sex Picnic' Zine August 21, 2014
Broken Fingaz 'Sex Picnic' Zine

East London's Redchurch Street was where it was at last month  for the launch of Israeli street artists Broken Fingaz new erotic zine Sex Picnic and... [Read more]

MP5 in Torino, Italy August 13, 2014
MP5 in Torino, Italy

Check out MP5's painting of a very risky tug of war competition that spans both the wall and the ground in front of it. We wouldn't want to get caught on the... [Read more]

PUBLIC by FORM Gallery – Perth – Western Australia August 10, 2014
PUBLIC by FORM Gallery – Perth – Western Australia

ROA. Photo by ROA. I’m back after a brief blogging hiatus. I’ve been meaning to post my review for this great event that happened back in April over in... [Read more]

Official Selection July 24, 2014
Official Selection

Massive thanks from myself and Emma Dove to the Bangalore Film Society for selecting our “Mirror Lands” film to be part of the “Voices from the Waters”... [Read more]

“Power Tripping” From Anthony Lister July 10, 2014
“Power Tripping” From Anthony Lister

We have loved Lister for years as a street artist, and he now brings his graffiti skills indoors to Jonathan Levine with these superhero paintings. In... [Read more]

Sheffield Sex City July 10, 2014
Sheffield Sex City

"cos the city's out to get me if I won't sleep with her this eveningThough her buildings are impressive and her cul-de-sacs amazingShe's had too many lovers... [Read more]


From illustrating comics and toys for middle-aged men shacked up in their parents’ basements, to designing for NY streetwear giant, Mishka – Brooklynite... [Read more]

the largest gif-iti in the world! June 17, 2014
the largest gif-iti in the world!

I recently returned from Taiwan where i collaborated with friend and awesome artist MADSTEEZ for POW WOW TAIWAN I kind of stupidly forced us into the... [Read more]

Ronzo X Dr. Dre June  9, 2014
Ronzo X Dr. Dre

Ronzo colabo where I designed characters for the legendary Dr.Dre himself. I drew this funky little speaker characters which can be seen now in music videos,... [Read more]

Elephants and Bin Bags May 19, 2014
Elephants and Bin Bags

Artcore International and Hotel Elephant are pleased to present Artcore International 14, a four-day Arts Festival taking place in SE1. The first of an... [Read more]

Steel Wheels - Germany 2014 - Writers From All Over the... May  2, 2014
Steel Wheels - Germany 2014 - Writers From All Over the World

May 17th 2014 - 8PMGraffiti writers from all over the world will be gathering in Germany for railroad art show!Meeting of Styles and Mad Clout present the... [Read more]

Abandonnment Issues: Electrical Development Co. / HEPCO April 27, 2014
Abandonnment Issues: Electrical Development Co. / HEPCO

On Easter weekend of 2014, Ninja and I met with our newly married friends terapr0 and tash.0 and set our collective sights on Niagara Falls, more... [Read more]

Stealing Banksy? April 26, 2014
Stealing Banksy?

"Stealing Banksy" London25th - 27th April 2014 Photos: NoLionsInEngland except Art of The State and others where statedIt’s not often a piece of street art... [Read more]

Judith Supine Shows His Face At “Golden Child” Opening March 31, 2014
Judith Supine Shows His Face At “Golden Child” Opening

Photos by G except where noted.  Art by Judith Supine. Judith Supine The back story of street artist Judith Supine is quite interesting.  He was unable... [Read more]

Bethnal green, london. February 17, 2014
Bethnal green, london.

I painted this in a soon to be demolished building in Bethnal Green, london for last breath projectThere's also a short video My Installation in... [Read more]

London Update: A little slice of the East End. February  4, 2014
London Update: A little slice of the East End.

So after a busy week I had a couple of hours to spare to catch a couple of pieces i'd seen on various feeds and streams. Not too much to report this week,... [Read more]

Rockwell House Showreel January 14, 2014
Rockwell House Showreel

Music track - “Everytime I Look” by High Cross Society / Remix by John Hendicott This video is a short Compilation of some of our favourite clients and... [Read more]

THREE THE HARD WAY - OPENING November 10, 2013

November 7th was the opening reception for Three The Hard Way, a three-man group show featuring Augustine Kofie, Christopher Derek Bruno and myself. Showing... [Read more]

Berlin’s visitors (part 2) October 24, 2013
Berlin’s visitors (part 2)

I first visited Berlin a few years ago, and, like so many people, I was struck by how many people pass through the city, attracted by its aura of easy-going... [Read more]

Abandonment Issues: Kingston Penitentiary October 23, 2013
Abandonment Issues: Kingston Penitentiary

On September 30th, 2013, moments before the last handful of federal inmates were transferred to different facilities, the Kingston Penitentiary held the... [Read more]

Abandonment Issues: Sidbrook Private Hospital October 17, 2013
Abandonment Issues: Sidbrook Private Hospital

(Photo found online, courtesy of Cobourg Public Library. Unknown date.)This Victorian villa was built in 1857 as a two-storey summer house for the Cobourg... [Read more]

A short history of stencil art in Norway September 14, 2013
A short history of stencil art in Norway

Last week i was in Stavanger for the opening of NUART 2013. On sunday the wonderful crew of NUART organized a small guided tour in the city to discover the... [Read more]

Artcrank London 2013 August 22, 2013
Artcrank London 2013

ARTCRANK LDN will feature hand-made, bike-inspired posters created by UK artists. Limited edition, signed and numbered copies of all posters will be... [Read more]

Cranio New London Rooftop Mural August 22, 2013
Cranio New London Rooftop Mural

Following a short trip to Liverpool, South American graffiti/street artist Cranio has returned to London to repaint this rooftop spot near Old Street in East... [Read more]

katze und krieg August 19, 2013
katze und krieg

Workshop [tabs] [tablink target=start]Start[/tablink] [tablink target=about]About[/tablink] [tablink target=CV]CV[/tablink] [tablink... [Read more]

GSK Digital Workshop (short version) February  4, 2013
GSK Digital Workshop (short version)

Cast: Make Some Tea Tags: [Read more]

Italian Vandal - 1280x version January  3, 2013
Italian Vandal - 1280x version

- Selected for the guest programme, 29th Internationale Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, 2013 - Selected for 9th International Short Film Festival Detmold, 2013 -... [Read more]

Art in North Korea: Norwegians plan new creative academy... September  5, 2014

The Guardian Art in North Korea: Norwegians plan new creative academy in PyongyangThe Guardian“Obviously we will not bring artists like Pussy Riot, or... [Read more]

HBO to Air Banksy Documentary - Hollywood Reporter August 28, 2014

HUH. HBO to Air Banksy DocumentaryHollywood ReporterThe documentary Banksy Does New York will debut on the pay cabler on Monday, Nov. 17, it was... [Read more]

DUBL TRUBL film starring Aeon August 22, 2014

Aeon in Sri Lanka from Dubl Trubl on Vimeo.Ahead of the DUBL TRUBL Collective exhibition they have released this short film feature graffiti artist AEON who... [Read more]

180ID Ella & Pitr August 12, 2014

180ID Ella & Pitr from Canal180 on Vimeo. Short documentary about the street artists, ELLA & PITR, from France, and their work at 180 Creative Camp.[ Check... [Read more]

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? July 22, 2014

As a younger kid I moved around a fair amount. My parents had gotten divorced when I was five and so my mom, my sister and myself tried a few different... [Read more]

Luke Monaghan Meets 80′s LA Kingpin in Monochrome April 15, 2014

Friend of Monorex and fellow Brit, Luke Monaghan, braved the streets of South LA recently to film 1980′s drug-lord Fredrick Staves, aka “Baby Gangster”.... [Read more]

TATS CRU, The Mural Kings Video January 15, 2014

A short piece by Joao Inada (@joaoinada) and Jelena Subotic (@Jelena_Subotic). [Read more]

HISTORY! - Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant Subway Art... January  7, 2014

I don't know how I have missed this, I have not seen it before but this contemporary short film is absolutely fascinating. A sprightly Martha Cooper jumps... [Read more]

Short documentary of the Outsiders Krew in a low income... November 24, 2013

Short documentary of the Outsiders Krew in a low income district of Jakarta, Indonesia, to paint words chosen by the locals. This is the first episode of a... [Read more]