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Charlotte Bastian - New paintings

Charlotte Bastian - New paintings

New paintings by German artist Charlotte Bastian available now: http://bit.ly/1lVf7JmCharlotte Bastian’s (1974, Berlin/Germany) works focus, in both painting... [Read more]

Fikos paints a series of new pieces in Athens, Greece

streetartnews.net May  5, 2015
Fikos paints a series of new pieces in Athens, Greece

Fikos just wrapped up a rather large project which saw him painting several large pieces at the 58th Primary School of Athens in Greece. The Greek artist... [Read more]

"Wild Life Spirit" a new mural by Gola Hundun in Imola,...

streetartnews.net May  5, 2015
"Wild Life Spirit" a new mural by Gola Hundun in Imola, Italy

Gola Hundun is currently in Imola, Italy where he just finished painting his newest mural entitled "Wild Life Spirit".This piece is an homage to the wild... [Read more]

Maiken Stene: Point Voyeur

Maiken Stene: Point Voyeur

Point VoyeurMaiken SteneHå gamle prestegard28.3.-31.5.15       Paintings, video, installation, sculpture and research on gardens, landscape painting and... [Read more]


stinkfish.wordpress.com May  3, 2015

  Mi amiga y compañera de crew Zas (APC – MDK) publicó recientemente «LA ESCRITURA TOSCA, una antología romántica», una recopilación de textos, canciones y... [Read more]

In conversation with Ramon Maiden

blog.stolenspace.com May  1, 2015
In conversation with Ramon Maiden

StolenSpace Gallery is excited to present “Turbo Faith, Ladies Of The Night a solo exhibition by the artist Ramon Maiden. Born and raised in Roquetas – the... [Read more]

Basik unveils "Thauma", its latest piece in Misterbianco,...

streetartnews.net April 29, 2015
Basik unveils "Thauma", its latest piece in Misterbianco, Italy

Our friend Basik just sent us a series of images after he spent month in Sicily for an artist residency organized by the I ART program. The Italian artist... [Read more]

Dulk paints a super cute mural in Rome, Italy

streetartnews.net April 28, 2015
Dulk paints a super cute mural in Rome, Italy

Dulk recently flew to Italy to participate in the Street Heart Festival curated by Marta Gargiulo and VARSI on the streets of Rome.Painting in the district... [Read more]

Brazilian Street Artists Bailon and Sliks invade London

hookedblog.co.uk April 28, 2015
Brazilian Street Artists Bailon and Sliks invade London

With the weather finally starting to get a little warmer here in London, it looks like our Brazilian friends have perfectly timed their return visit to... [Read more]

James Roper - New drawings

5piecesgallery.blogspot.com April 28, 2015
James Roper - New drawings

New drawings by British artist James Roper: http://bit.ly/1bNEusQJames Roper (1982, Knutsford/UK) works in various mediums including painting, drawing,... [Read more]

#GmoLand Acrylic painting on a woodcut with Motion Sensor...

vimeo.com October 24, 2014

#GmoLand Acrylic painting on a woodcut with Motion Sensor with Audio Activation #CornGrenade #GmoCorn #GmoBee #MonsantoBee #CCD #SaveTheBees #FreeHumanity... [Read more]

Mickey in Gmo Land

vimeo.com April  8, 2014

What was lush will be barren land filled with chemicals. - New #GmoLand wood cut #MickeyInGmoLand #GmoBee #MonsantoBee #SaveTheBees #CCD... [Read more]

Piglet In Gmo Land

vimeo.com March 11, 2014

Piglet In Gmo Land #GmoLand Corn Grenade by Free Humanity Acrylic Painting on Woodcut with Motion Sensor Audio Activation Cast: Free Humanity Tags:... [Read more]

Winnie The Pooh In Gmo by Free Humanity

vimeo.com February 17, 2014

Winnie The Pooh In Gmo Land. over 100 Hand Painted Monsanto Bees Gmo Bees with Acrylic painting on wood cut with Motion Sensor Audio Activation.... [Read more]

Winnie The Pooh In Gmo Land by Free Humanity

vimeo.com February 16, 2014

Winnie The Pooh In Gmo Land. over 100 Hand Painted Monsanto Bees Gmo Bees with Acrylic painting on wood cut with Motion Sensor Audio Activation.... [Read more]

Winnie The Pooh In Gmo Land #1

vimeo.com February 16, 2014

Winnie The Pooh In Gmo Land. over 100 Hand Painted Monsanto Bees Gmo Bees with Acrylic painting on wood cut with Motion Sensor Audio Activation.... [Read more]

Alice in GMO Land

vimeo.com January 23, 2014

Alice in GMO Land with Monsanto Corn-Grenade and a GMO Apple-Grenade at 235 Broadway St in Downtown Los Angeles Acrylic Painting on Wood Cut-Out with Motion... [Read more]

Nychos - Snake Bait

vimeo.com December 18, 2013

Nychos painting a big dissected rat on a wall in Vienna, Austria. Music by Judas Priest - Rock Hard Ride Freeyoutube.com/watch?v=mae5Ght8iBA Film by... [Read more]


vimeo.com November 28, 2013

A collaborative painting by Remi Rough and Shok-1 on a train high above the streets of East London. Cast: Agents Of Change [Read more]


vimeo.com April  3, 2013

PLEASE READ >> While in Cape Town, South Africa last year I initiated an art project in the township of Lavender Hill, involving the community and especially... [Read more]

Miss Van Sao Paulo 2013 VNA

vimeo.com February  8, 2013

Miss Van is one of our all time favs and she features in the latest issue 21 of VNA. After a lengthy hiatus from painting on the streets, we caught up with... [Read more]

Project Zoo

vimeo.com December 18, 2012

Four artists spent a day painting the mandrill's enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo. This enclosure is where the mandrill's sleep and eat, and is a place for... [Read more]

Automatic Portrait

vimeo.com December 14, 2012

Joe Loughborough executes one of his "Automatic Portraits" in his studio in Hackney Wick, London. The process involved jabbing the painting with his fingers... [Read more]

MIAMI VICES (uncut / full version)

vimeo.com December  4, 2012

MIAMI VICES is a short film showing rare and uncut footage of Above's painting process and murals that were painted in Miami for Art Basel. This video was... [Read more]


vimeo.com October  1, 2012

Director: Benjamin Roudet / Big Addict Artist: Tilt Year: 2012 Music: LCD Soundsystem - Home (This is happening album) Label: DFA / EMI bigaddict.com... [Read more]


vimeo.com September 17, 2012

24% DESEMPLEADOS Translates into English 24% UNEMPLOYED. I was invited to Zaragoza, Spain to paint at the 7th annual International art festival ASALTO... [Read more]


vimeo.com September  3, 2012

As irony has it this video will be reblogged and seen on social media outlets the world over. Go ahead and participate in the irony and reblog the video on... [Read more]

Monster and The Girl

vimeo.com June  4, 2012

More about the artist here: Erin Greer - facebook.com/ekimoerin Be Free - facebook.com/be.free.908 2012 Cast: Dave MSA Tags: monster and the girl,... [Read more]


vimeo.com April 10, 2012

Africa has had a devastating history of blood diamond wars. Blood diamond refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and then sold to finance an invading army's... [Read more]

Make art not war / icy and sot / Mar.2012

vimeo.com March 18, 2012

icyandsot.com Cast: ICY And SOT Tags: iran, stencil, make art not war, icy and sot, iranian street artist, graffiti, street art animation and Spray... [Read more]

Love is like a shutter

vimeo.com January 12, 2012

Love is like a shutter Acrylic on a shutter A new Free Humanity series on shutter doors in progress Cast: Free Humanity Tags: Free Humanity, art,... [Read more]

Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol Aerosol Mural

vimeo.com January  9, 2012

EndoftheLine proudly presents the making of 'Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol - Aerosol Mural' for Paramount Pictures, December 2011. The short video... [Read more]


vimeo.com December 22, 2011

During 2011 I really strived to make an impact using non-destructive materials to create street art. I began with just yarn, then started adding nails and... [Read more]


vimeo.com December 20, 2011

Director: Benjamin Roudet / Big Addict Year: 2011 Music: Unknow Label: Quatre Records Tilt - French graffiti artist, renowned for painting on buildings,... [Read more]


vimeo.com November  3, 2011

"GIVE A WALL ST. BANKER ENOUGH ROPE AND HE WILL HANG HIMSELF." 255 foot / 75 metre long word play painting in Miami, Florida. This controversial piece was... [Read more]


vimeo.com September 30, 2011

Rabbiteye Movement is proud to present a nice little Actionvideo with SOBEKCIS (Heavy Artillery),SHUE (Lords,Go on) ,VIBES ,Represent) and NYCHOS of course.... [Read more]

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural

vimeo.com May 12, 2011

End of the Line, in association with Distillery Productions and Toby Summerskill, have filmed the first 3D Graffiti Time-lapse. Created to document the... [Read more]

Myne, West London Art Factory 2011

vimeo.com April 24, 2011

Time lapse video of Myne painting at the West London Art Factory, 2011. Cast: Myneandyours Tags: myne, myneandyours, west london art factory, street... [Read more]

Street Art and Reality on Hanbury Street, London.

vimeo.com February  9, 2011

Update: This short film was in the Official Selection of the Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival, London, 2011. Joe Deane, Joseph Loughborough and Ben Slow... [Read more]

Jaybo at Soto Berlin

vimeo.com December 15, 2010

Jaybo live painting at Soto Berlin. Shot and edited by Timid. Music from Remdog Cast: Agents Of Change [Read more]


vimeo.com November 16, 2010

New 10 color screen print avail here gallery.goabove.com/filter/Various-Prints/Hitchhiker I'll be the first to tell you (and those who have unfortunately... [Read more]

1,000+ words

vimeo.com October 18, 2010

"A picture is worth 1,000 words." I sat for a while considering if I should describe this piece and the multi-layered meanings depicted in the painting?! The... [Read more]

VNA issue 13

vimeo.com October 12, 2010

Very Nearly Almost magazine issue 13 out on 15th October 2010.verynearlyalmost.com Music: MJ Cole – Thekla Riddim (Prolific) from Simbad Thanks to Ouzo... [Read more]

Because now I'm worth it

vimeo.com September 21, 2010

*To understand this piece better please read the text before watching. If you already watched the video without reading the text, please read the text then... [Read more]

Eine Alphabet timelapse

vimeo.com September 16, 2010

1 minute timelapse composition presenting the extent of work that was been put into painting the whole lower case alphabet on shop shutters by Eine. It's... [Read more]

Free Humanity Street Art Vid # 1

vimeo.com August 29, 2010

Free Humanity Street Art Vid #1 Music by: Margo Guryan. California Shake The 1st of a series where Free Humanity is shown putting up London Stencil Artist... [Read more]

12ozProphet Presents... Speto and Nike Sportswear at 21...

vimeo.com June 22, 2010

FIFA fever is running wild in New York and it seems like every brand is out there trying to get in on the action. Everyday there's another event popping off... [Read more]

Ray Gun, Street Sculpture.

vimeo.com April 14, 2010

Another street sculpture by cityzenkane Cast: cityzenkane Tags: Street art, Streeet, 3D Street art, Art Cityzenkane, CZK, Urban Art, Graffiti,... [Read more]

12ozProphet Presents... KEO and DASH167

vimeo.com April 11, 2010

Finely Crafted. KEO and DASH167 of the FC TC-5 X-MEN conglomerate are amongst the last practitioners of a traditional craft. You heard right... not a... [Read more]

Reverse psychology

vimeo.com November  9, 2009

There are two sides to every coin, and we all know two wrongs don't make a right but somehow when it comes to filming a video in reverse then reversing it,... [Read more]