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Tattoo Tuesday No. 310 May 24, 2016
Tattoo Tuesday No. 310

For this week’s Tattoo Tuesday, here’s a large horse tattoo created by the Berlin-based artist Renan Batista. [Read more]

Painting of the Week No. 303 May 22, 2016
Painting of the Week No. 303

A new Painting of the Week, featuring a wall done by the graffiti artist Kem5. [Read more]

Jarus in the Ukraine May 22, 2016
Jarus in the Ukraine

The graffiti artist Jarus painted this massive building in Kyiv on his recent visit to the Ukraine. [Read more]

Interview with Askem May 22, 2016
Interview with Askem

Matthew J has recently posted an interview with the artist Askem (out of the UK). Askem’s work focuses primarily on Hip Hop and he’s even contributed to the... [Read more]

We Want You, To Write For StreetArtNews! May 20, 2016
We Want You, To Write For StreetArtNews!

  Are you a creative person? Do you express yourself visually and through the written word? Then contributing to StreetArtNews may be just your thing!... [Read more]

"I Am Better Than You!" / New Limited Screenprint

"I Am Better Than You!" / New Limited Screenprint

This might be my most modest print design ever....... This new limited screenprint has been released by Galerie At Down for the double-trouble- tag-team... [Read more]

Swoon’s Pearly’s Beauty Shop THIS SATURDAY! Shepard... May 18, 2016
Swoon’s Pearly’s Beauty Shop THIS SATURDAY!  Shepard DJing + more!

Attention Los Angeles: Shepard will be DJing at Swoon’s Pearly’s Beauty Shop, an art exhibition, live auction, and party to benefit The Heliotrope Foundation... [Read more]

Hanging with mobstr May 18, 2016
Hanging with mobstr

Another fantastic piece by mobstr. Context is king. First of all, how did he install this piece? But also, what a great spot for it! And of course, it... [Read more]

Student loans, probably something worth fretting over May 18, 2016
Student loans, probably something worth fretting over

Don’t Fret has a graduation gift for the class of 2016: A reminder of the crushing debt that will likely follow many of them for decades. Don’t Fret’s latest... [Read more]

Invaders Don't Die May 17, 2016
Invaders Don't Die

All photos: DaveStuart (NoLionsInEngland)About 3 weeks ago in Kings Cross I thought I saw a ghost, my eyes seemed to be playing tricks. A old, long departed... [Read more]

Video: HOW & NOSM’s latest Detroit Mural May 17, 2016
Video: HOW & NOSM’s latest Detroit Mural

“Art does make life better and art doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for people to be able to appreciate it.” – How Balancing Act,” How s new mural in... [Read more]

Street Art Stencils That are NSFW by London Artist The Krah May 17, 2016
Street Art Stencils That are NSFW by London Artist The Krah

A one time regular on the streets of East London it's been some time since we've seen some street work from London based street artist The Krah. The last few... [Read more]

Something to reflect on in France May 16, 2016
Something to reflect on in France

Wow. Ekosystem, probably my favorite European street art blog, drew my attention to this piece on the beaches of Northern France. Réflechir was made by... [Read more]

French Street Artist Invader's Tea Drinker Mosaic removed... May 15, 2016
French Street Artist Invader's Tea Drinker Mosaic removed by London building owner

Earlier this week while on our way to one of our favourite coffee spots , Brooklyn Coffee on Commercial Street, our attention was drawn to workman stood in... [Read more]

GoddoG latest murals in Cambodia and France May 15, 2016
GoddoG latest murals in Cambodia and France

Phnom Penh, March 2016 for the “Cambodia Urban Art” Festival. Goddog is a French artist from Avignon, well-know medieval city in southern France. He... [Read more]


The first-ever collaboration between Shepard and the estate of legendary photographer Jim Marshall, American Civics, debuts this month!  Shepard is... [Read more]

Ben Eine REBEL REBEL London Mural May  8, 2016
Ben Eine REBEL REBEL London Mural

We caught with British street art Ben Eine (Previously on Hookedblog) a few weeks back at work on a new wall on Sclater Street in East London for the Rebel... [Read more]

Case Ma’Claim, Phlegm in Manchester, UK May 24, 2016

Some great things are currently happening on the lovely streets of Manchester in the UK.Phlegm and Case Ma’Claim are currently in town and they each just... [Read more]

“Mańana, 100 toni” by Alberonero in Valencia May 24, 2016

Alberonero just sent us a series of brilliant images from his latest mural which was just completed a few days ago on the streets of Valencia in Spain.... [Read more]

David Walker in Aalborg, Denmark May 23, 2016

Invited by Kirk Gallery, our friend David Walker just finished a big piece in Aalborg, Denmark. David’s artworks are created without the use of stencils or... [Read more]

“Still Life” by Ludo in Northern France May 23, 2016

Stepping away from the streets of Paris for a few days, Ludo visited Northern France where he decided to drop a fat new piece. Entitled “Still Life”, the... [Read more]

“Red Bicycle” by Jarus in Kiev, Ukraine May 23, 2016

Canadian artist Jarus is currently in Eastern Europe where he left his mark on the streets of Kiev. Entitled “Red Bicycle”, the Canadian artist spent a few... [Read more]

“Data Somersault” by Felipe Pantone in Paris May 22, 2016

Our friend Felipe Pantone just finished a stunning project as part of the ‪LascoProject‬ of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. Pantone’s quest to... [Read more]

Robert Proch in Rouen, France May 21, 2016

Robert Proch recently found himself in the city of Rouen in France where he painted the facade of a legendary local cinema called Omnia. As usual with the... [Read more]

Tellas “Under The City” Limited Edition Hand Finished... May 19, 2016

Grown up in Sardinian’s harsh lands, Tellas’ research is based on a non-urban aesthetics, his works are a personal and intimate vision of the elements of... [Read more]

Artist Interview: Ernest Zacharevic May 19, 2016

Experimentation lies at the heart of ZACH’s style, with the only constant being the dedication to his ever-changing concepts. He removes the restriction of... [Read more]

‘Woman with Aloe Vera Plant’ by Fintan Magee in Sapri, Italy May 18, 2016

While we last heard from him in Rome, Fintan Magee is now in Sapri where he just finished working on this new piece entitled “Woman With Aloe Vera Plant”.... [Read more]

Coverage: “Between The Lines” Group Show @ Dubai’s The Mine May 18, 2016

Last week in Dubai, the “Between The Lines” group exhibition curated by Rom Levy opened its doors at The Mine Gallery in the Al Quoz district of Dubai. In... [Read more]

Meeting Of Styles London will happen on May 28 29th May 18, 2016

Sandwiched between the tracks on the north side of the overground between Shoreditch High Street and Whitechapel station you will glimpse an organic space... [Read more]

“Vintage” by Bip in Oakland, California May 18, 2016

While we last heard from him in San Francisco last year, Bip is back in action with “Vintage”, a new street art piece that just appeared on the streets of... [Read more]

“Pig” by Bordalo II in Lisbon, Portugal May 17, 2016

Constantly traveling around Europe to create new installations, Bordalo II is back in his hometown of Lisbon in Portugal. The talented artist spent a few... [Read more]

LIFE IN COLOUR - The Pea Tree Collective May 17, 2016

LIFE IN COLOUR - The Pea Tree Collective Off The Kerb Friday 20th May, 6-9pm Invurt -... [Read more]

Tellas for Street Alps in Turin, Italy May 16, 2016

We recently invited Tellas to Turin, Italy where he worked with us at Sericraft to create a brand new screen-print edition. The Italian artist also linked... [Read more]

“The Kick To The Moon” by Ella & Pitr in Saint-Etienne May 16, 2016

Ella The Kick To The Moon”, the French duo once again create a Xtra-Large artwork which shows on their signature sleeping giants. Four days of work were... [Read more]

Nafir “Tear Gas” Limited Edition Screen Print May 16, 2016

Our friend Nafir just released “Tear Gas”, a new series of limited edition prints with the good people from Graffiti Prints. Coming in two flavors, Dark... [Read more]

St+Art India: “Time changes everything” by DAKU in New Delhi May 16, 2016

This typographic piece by DAKU for St+Art India ingeniously visualises the concept of time by playing with letters and shadows. The oldest forms of measuring... [Read more]

Preview: Ian Strange “Suburban” Exhibition – New York City May 15, 2016

Standard Practice Gallery is proud to present the American premiere of Australian-artist Ian Strange’s acclaimed exhibition SUBURBAN in a pop-up exhibition... [Read more]

“Double Crossed” by D*Face in New York City May 15, 2016

D*Face recently spent some time in New York City where he hooked up with the good people from Lisa Project. Painting on Broome Street piece showing two of... [Read more]

Coverage: James Reka “Mirage” exhibition @ Paris’ Galerie... May 13, 2016

For his very first solo exhibition at the Mathgoth Gallery, Reka offers his public to dive into a “Mirage”. Swaying, almost aquatic and often very feminine... [Read more]

“Meeting Her Parents” by Bezt in Aalborg, Denmark May 12, 2016

“Meeting Her Parents” is the title from Bezt‘s latest piece which was just completed on the streets of Aalborg in Denmark. In town with the good people... [Read more]

2501 paints tallest mural in Europe, Kiev May 12, 2016

2501 is now Ukraine where he just finished this large-scale mural for Art United us in Kiev, probably Europe’s tallest mural today. Titled ‘Tools for... [Read more]

“The Kiss” by Lonac in Cassino, Italy May 11, 2016

Lonac just returned from a great trip in Italy where he was invited by the good people from Memorie Urbane to paint a new piece on the streets of Cassino.... [Read more]

St+art India: Interview with Festival Curator Giulia Ambrogi May 11, 2016

St+art Festival is a collaborative platform for street artists working on the idea of ‘Art for Everyone’ with the primary objective of making art accessible... [Read more]

Eastland Urban Art Project in Melbourne May 10, 2016

Over a six month period in Ringwood on the outskirts of Melbourne, nine female street artists were chosen from across Australia and the world, to paint nine... [Read more]

“The Roadkill” by Fintan Magee in Rome, Italy May 10, 2016

After the successful opening of his solo exhibition with Varsi Gallery, Australian artist Fintan Magee had enough extra time to drop a large piece in Rome,... [Read more]

STRØK in Paris, France May 10, 2016

Strøk has been spending a few days in Paris, France where he was invited by Galerie Mathgoth to create a brand new mural. Painting on Rue De La Glaciere, the... [Read more]

E. Lee in Shoreditch, London May 10, 2016

Chicago based American artist E. Lee has been making his way through Europe and recently finished this untitled piece in Shoreditch London. The mural... [Read more]

“Victory” by Ludo in Paris, France May  9, 2016

Fresh from yesterday, our friend Ludo just sent us some images from his latest Parisian work entitled “Victory”. As usual with the French street artist, he... [Read more]

Preview: Dran “Tiens” Solo Show @ Adda Gallery May  9, 2016

Well known for his satirical drawings, the candor of his performances, and his representative lines, Dran is a singular and outside the norm artist. Lonely... [Read more]

“Selfie in the Circus” by Sepe in Zurich, Switzerland May  9, 2016

Polish artist Sepe just finished working on “Selfie in the Circus” his latest mural somewhere around Zurich, Switzerland. This wall dedicated to his... [Read more]