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We Want You, To Write For StreetArtNews!

streetartnews.net May 20, 2016
We Want You, To Write For StreetArtNews!

  Are you a creative person? Do you express yourself visually and through the written word? Then contributing to StreetArtNews may be just your thing!... [Read more]

"Who's Your Daddy?" @ Kolly Gallery / NYC

"Who's Your Daddy?" @ Kolly Gallery / NYC

Tonight in NYC!New artworks will be on display together with work from no other than Crash, Supakitch and Grotesk. The group show "Who's Your Daddy" is set... [Read more]

GoddoG latest murals in Cambodia and France

blog.vandalog.com May 15, 2016
GoddoG latest murals in Cambodia and France

Phnom Penh, March 2016 for the “Cambodia Urban Art” Festival. Goddog is a French artist from Avignon, well-know medieval city in southern France. He... [Read more]


obeygiant.com May 11, 2016

ATTENTION LOS ANGELES: On May 14, 2016 demand that our leaders end neighborhood drilling in L.A., keep fossil fuels in the ground, and protect the health of... [Read more]

Detail of “Mister Nose” by Harlan...

elbowtoe.tumblr.com May  5, 2016
Detail of “Mister Nose” by Harlan...

Detail of “Mister Nose” by Harlan Ballogg. Installing works for “The Nose Knows” a group show I am curating at Sweet Lorraine Gallery in RedHook. The... [Read more]

Best Arts & Culture Blog 2016

urbankulturblog.com May  2, 2016
Best Arts & Culture Blog 2016

Well, as far as weekends go, they don’t get too much better than that. Urban Kultur was back in London representing Edinburgh’s street art, music and... [Read more]

ALL GOOD IN THE WOOD mural by London artist Ronzo in Wood...

hookedblog.co.uk April 27, 2016
ALL GOOD IN THE WOOD mural by London artist Ronzo in Wood Street, E17

East London — Woodstreet Walls have been giving their neighbourhood a fresh lick of paint throughout their month long Paint Your London event (Previously on... [Read more]

French female street artist Annabelle Tattu hits the...

hookedblog.co.uk April 26, 2016
French female street artist Annabelle Tattu hits the streets of London

French female street artist Annabelle Tattu re-visited London last month leaving a series of new works across East London. We have previously seen some of... [Read more]

LA, CA: Stencils, Students, and a Rare Bird

stencilarchive.org April 21, 2016
LA, CA: Stencils, Students, and a Rare Bird

News Articles  Mural of rare yellow-billed cuckoos is a mix of social commentary and environmental conservation Louis SahagunContact Reporter (LA Times) [Read more]

John Fekner on Blu, Bologna, and the nature of street art

blog.vandalog.com March 18, 2016
John Fekner on Blu, Bologna, and the nature of street art

Once the site of a mural by Blu in Bologna, now buffed by Blu and his team. Photo from blublu.org. Last week, we covered Blu‘s protest in Bologna, where... [Read more]

No, I’m Banksy (The Bandwaggon Post)

graffoto1.blogspot.com March 17, 2016
No, I’m Banksy (The Bandwaggon Post)

Photos: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland (except where pretty obvious)Yesterday morning I read a rather unexciting blog post by my friend RJ on Vandalog... [Read more]

The Grey Revolt: Blu and friends return Bologna’s walls...

blog.vandalog.com March 12, 2016
The Grey Revolt: Blu and friends return Bologna’s walls to the public, with buff

Blu’s work being buffed in Bologna, Italy Fuck the buff! Fuck the theft, love the buff! Because Bologna’s wealthiest citizens and the powers-that-be... [Read more]

PaperMonster Umbrellas Available @Bombing Science

papermonster.wordpress.com March  9, 2016
PaperMonster Umbrellas Available @Bombing Science

I am excited to announce that the graffiti art supplies store Bombing Science (HERE) has PaperMonster umbrellas available!! You can check out the store over... [Read more]

Progress Photos: PaperMonster Female Heroes and Villians...

papermonster.wordpress.com March  8, 2016
Progress Photos: PaperMonster Female Heroes and Villians Drawings 

 This summer I will creating a new series of paintings based on comic book female heroes and villains. The series will include some familiar faces including... [Read more]

NEW: Exclusive PaperMonster Interview

papermonster.wordpress.com March  7, 2016
NEW: Exclusive PaperMonster Interview

I am excited to share an exclusive interview with Matthew James (HERE). The interview covers some new details on some future projects, art advice, and my... [Read more]

Giveaway - Nychos Special Edition Ultimate Ears Speaker‏

hookedblog.co.uk March  7, 2016
Giveaway - Nychos Special Edition Ultimate Ears Speaker‏

Just before we left the country for the Marrakech Biennale last week (more on that soon), this package landed on our desk containing the recently released... [Read more]

Tellas “Under The City” Limited Edition Hand Finished...

streetartnews.net May 19, 2016

Grown up in Sardinian’s harsh lands, Tellas’ research is based on a non-urban aesthetics, his works are a personal and intimate vision of the elements of... [Read more]

Artist Interview: Ernest Zacharevic

streetartnews.net May 19, 2016

Experimentation lies at the heart of ZACH’s style, with the only constant being the dedication to his ever-changing concepts. He removes the restriction of... [Read more]

Coverage: “Between The Lines” Group Show @ Dubai’s The Mine

streetartnews.net May 18, 2016

Last week in Dubai, the “Between The Lines” group exhibition curated by Rom Levy opened its doors at The Mine Gallery in the Al Quoz district of Dubai. In... [Read more]

St+art India: Interview with Festival Curator Giulia Ambrogi

streetartnews.net May 11, 2016

St+art Festival is a collaborative platform for street artists working on the idea of ‘Art for Everyone’ with the primary objective of making art accessible... [Read more]

Eastland Urban Art Project in Melbourne

streetartnews.net May 10, 2016

Over a six month period in Ringwood on the outskirts of Melbourne, nine female street artists were chosen from across Australia and the world, to paint nine... [Read more]

Smates “A Flamenco in Kyiv” in Ukraine

streetartnews.net May  8, 2016

The urban street art project Art United us continues to attract a large number of highly talented artists from around the world. One of them is Belgian... [Read more]

Saner New Mural in Rabat, Morocco

streetartnews.net May  4, 2016

Moroccan capital of Rabat recently hosted Jidar urban art festival which produced a series of mural through the city. One of the invited artists was Saner... [Read more]

Preview: “Between The Lines” @ The Mine Dubai

streetartnews.net May  1, 2016

Later this month, an exciting group exhibition entitled “Between The Lines” will be opening in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at The Mine Gallery. Curated by... [Read more]

New Auctions @ solidARTy.org

streetartnews.net April 30, 2016

Our friends over @ solidARTy.org recently started another series of auction raising funds to help refugees in Europe. This project started back in Nov 2015,... [Read more]

L7M in Rome, Italy

streetartnews.net April 27, 2016

Brazilian artist L7M embarked on a journey through three different neighborhoods of Rome, guided and supported by Mirko Pierri and Sonia Di Santo of a.DNA.... [Read more]

“Eik-astiki Paremvasi” with iNO, Fikos & More in Nicosia,...

streetartnews.net April 27, 2016

The Research, Studies and Publications’ Service of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus took the initiative of “Eik-astiki Paremvasi”... [Read more]

Gleo in Brussels, Belgium

streetartnews.net April 25, 2016

Traveling around Europe, Gleo has arrive in Brussels, Belgium where she just finished working on a large mural. Coming straights from the colorful streets... [Read more]

Rime v Scott: Arguing Graffiti Cannot be Protected

stencilarchive.org April 24, 2016

Legal Information Graffiti Cannot be Copyright Protected, Claims Moschino, Jeremy Scott(originally posted on The Fashion Law)  The latest update... [Read more]

Video: Hopare “Comportement Ultra”

streetartnews.net April 24, 2016

Born in the late eighties, Alexandre Monteiro better known as Hopare is a French artist and a growing figure of the urban art scene. He discovered street art... [Read more]

“The World’s Not That Bad” by NME in Dawlish, UK

streetartnews.net April 21, 2016

British artist NME just sent us some images from his latest artwork which was painted somewhere in an abandoned building in the city of Dawlish, UK.... [Read more]

Andrea Ravo Mattoni in Varese, Italy

streetartnews.net April 18, 2016

Italian artist Andrea Ravo Mattoni just wrapped up a sweet artwork in Varese, Italy for the latest edition of the Urban Canvas Street Art Festival. The... [Read more]

Add Fuel in Gainesville, Florida

streetartnews.net April  8, 2016

Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel from Portugal recently spent some time in US, working on a new pieces throughout downtown Gainesville. Invited by the curator of... [Read more]

Cryptk in Berlin, Germany

streetartnews.net April  7, 2016

Cryptk spent the last few days on the streets of Berlin, Germany for the One Wall Project with the good lads from Urban Nation. The Los Angeles-based... [Read more]

The Crystal Ship: Miniature pieces by Jaune in Oostende,...

streetartnews.net April  5, 2016

Belgian artist Jaune is also part of this year’s lineup for The Crystal Ship currently taking place on the streets of Oostende in Belgium. The stencil... [Read more]

Vesod in La Rochelle, France

streetartnews.net April  4, 2016

Turin-based artist Vesod freshly visited the city of La Rochelle in France where he dropped a brand new piece. The Italian artist is very skillful in... [Read more]

The Crystal Ship: Work in progress by 1010 in Oostende

streetartnews.net April  3, 2016

1010 has landed in Belgium where he just started working his magic on the streets of Oostende for the first edition of The Crystal Ship. 1010, pronounced... [Read more]

Truly Design “Truth depends on where you see it from” @...

streetartnews.net April  2, 2016

Our friends of Truly Design just opened an interesting exhibition entitled “Truth depends on where you see it from” at the Museo Ettore Fico in Turin,... [Read more]

“Zombie Graffiti” & more by Deih in Valencia, Spain

streetartnews.net March 31, 2016

Spanish artist Deih just sent us a series of images from the latest artworks he created on the streets of his hometown, Valencia in Spain. Introducing a... [Read more]

“Tangaliscious” by Fin DAC in Tokyo, Japan

streetartnews.net March 30, 2016

Our friend Fin DAC has been in Tokyo the last few days working on, in his own words on “something completely different”. He left aside his “Urban Asian... [Read more]

Collin Van Der Sluijs & Super A in Berlin, Germany

streetartnews.net March 23, 2016

After several days of work in cold Germany, Collin Van Der Sluijs Urban Nation for the One Wall Mural Project, the newly formed duo unveiled an amazing and... [Read more]

Add Fuel in Gaeta, Italy

streetartnews.net March 19, 2016

The always excellent Memorie Urbane Festival is kicking off its 2016 season with a brand new mural from Add Fuel. Painting on the streets of Gaeta in... [Read more]

Gleo in La Rochelle, France

streetartnews.net March 17, 2016

Gleo just wrapped up a large new piece on the streets of La Rochelle in France for the Springtime Delights Street Art Festival. Painting in the old part of... [Read more]

Sebas Velasco & Dulk collaborate in Torreblanca, Spain

streetartnews.net March 14, 2016

Old friends Sebas Velasco and Dulk, recently joined their brushes and cans to create a large new collaboration mural in Torreblanca, Spain. Invited over as a... [Read more]

“Flying Scorpio” by Ludo in Paris

streetartnews.net March 14, 2016

Fresh from yesterday! Our amigo Ludo just sent us a few images from his latest intervention on the streets of Paris which is entitled “Flying Scorpio”.... [Read more]

Abandones Spaces by La Rouille in Brittany, France

streetartnews.net March 14, 2016

Constantly exploring abandoned spaces in his region of Brittany in France, La Rouille just sent us some awesome images from his latest artworks. Geared... [Read more]

“Miso, Bianca & Hana” by Rone in Melbourne, Australia

streetartnews.net March 10, 2016

Rone has just completed a new mural on the streets of Melbourne just in time for International Women’s Day. The piece features three local female artists ,... [Read more]

“11 Mirages to the Freedom” by Okuda in Youssoufia, Morocco

streetartnews.net March  9, 2016

Okuda recently spent some time in Morocco where he was invited to paint a new church for the Street Art Caravane event. Painting on the streets of... [Read more]

St+Art India: Reko Rennie in New Delhi

streetartnews.net March  8, 2016

Reko Rennie is an Australian artist who explores his Aboriginal identity through contemporary mediums. Rennie’s art incorporates his association to the... [Read more]

StreetFest May 2010

vimeo.com June 10, 2010

Cameras: Pete Modrzejewski and Chris Read. Edit: Pete Modrzejewski Music: Oh U Want More by Ty more info: streetfest.net Filmed on Canon 5D Mark2 and... [Read more]